~ At COFSPICO we believe that we can contribute to a better world (with great coffees, spices & coco) ~

COFfee-SPIces-COco is specialized in sourcing coffee, spices and coconut related products from various tropical regions around the globe.

We are a family owned business and the second generation of coffee exporters from Sumatra, Indonesia. We started this sourcing and trading company to retain and expand the supply chain that our family has set up during the past 10 years in origin. We help smallholders farmers being able to sell their yield for a better price. We work with smallholding farmers in a range of roles including buying crops, providing training, schooling and acting as financial institution and intermediate.

Consistent, high-quality green coffees, spices and coconuts from origin. We strive to offer the same standards and quality time after time to support our buyers demands and expectations. Serving our clients all over the globe.

COFFEE CHERRIES being transported by motorbike from the PLANTATIONS to the mill

We are always developing our quality control processes in origin in partnership with our producers and local team. By working close with producers and growers we can experiment and develop different types of products. We support initiatives towards social and environmental responsibilities and want to support local communities.

During the past decade we have established two mayor projects in The Gayo Highlands of North Sumatra.

“Kopi Wanita” our project for Women’s Coffee. Supporting local women farmers with health care, training, and support with pregnancy and scholarships for their children.

“Wild Gayo Luwak” genuine wild Kopi Luwak. Together with the World Animal Protection we have developed a method of sourcing and processing wild, foraged Kopi Luwak Arabica coffee beans from the forests, jungle and coffee plantations. More information

As we are experienced and known for working closely with importers and roasters we are able to develop better consistency in production, logistics, marketing support and communication to meet our clients expectations.

If you would like to work with us please get in touch.