"Sourcing great coffees from great people"

We build longterm relationships with farmers, cooperatives, collectors and exporters.

Justin Tieleman, Founder and Director

~ We have been sourcing, processing and exporting the finest commercial and specialty coffees from all over Indonesia since 2010 ~

Consistent, high-quality green coffee directly from the mill

All our coffee cherries are hand-picked only when perfectly ripe by skilled farmers, who have to returned several times to each plant in a harvest season.

We want to be a preferred supplier for any customer looking for high quality at affordable prices and we will do what it takes to fully control the supply chain to secure timely delivery of our coffees.

We only offer the best coffees, with no compromise on quality

All coffees we offer are:

  • Grown at high altitude, this means 1500 meters or higher above sea level.
  • Hand-picked when perfectly ripe by skilled farmers, who have returned several times to each plant in a harvest season.
  • Our certified Wild Kopi Luwak coffee is collected by trained foragers who will collect the coffee beans with extreme caution.
  • Sorted by hand and time consuming and labor intensively processed by experts.

Having a strong precense in origin

We travel to origin intensively every season to review the new crop and discuss strategy with our local team.

We strive to offer consistent coffees time after time to fulfill our clients their demands and expectations on a broad scale. Serving our clients all over the globe.



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One of our biggest strengths is building relationships. Not only in origin but also with all our valuable clients and partners.

Every day is our mission to deliver you the best commodities out of origin through one of our preferred suppliers. This can be coffee, desiccated coconut or certain spices grown and processed in Indonesia.

We help you plan your year with our knowledge of upcoming harvests, challenges in origin and market developments. Request a sample or give us a call to discuss your needs.

"Experience the finest coffees grown in the highlands of Indonesia"

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